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Articles on Agriculture, Land Use, Farmworkers & Labor

(in chronological order with most recent first; titles not available for download from this website are in red)

Tragedy in a Small Space (The New Leader, 1990)

Rural Journal: This Land Is My Land (Rural Electrification, 1989)

Book Review: The Buzzards Above, the Cane Below: Big Sugar: Seasons in the Cane Fields of Florida, by Alec Wilkinson  (New York Times, 1989)

Book Review: Cleveland Benjamin's Dead (ruralamerica, 1983)

Mr. Reagan in Farmer Miller's Boots (Christian Science Monitor, 1982)

The Limits of Localism (Working Papers, 1981)

Homes of the of the Brave: Farmworker Housing Report (report for the Farmworker Housing Coalition, 1981)

Hardship: It Follows the Migrant Farmworker (Boston Globe, 1980)

Beneath the Harrow (ruralamerica, 1979)

The New Challenge to Labor (The New Leader, 1978)

A Job-Seeker's Journal (The New Leader, 1977)

JP Stevens' Satanic Mills (The New Leader, 1977)

The Little Agency That Could (The New Leader, 1977)

An Open Letter to the Next President (Country Journal, 1976)

Pride and Prejudice (The New Leader, 1976)

Scholar on the Ramparts, Ernesto Garlarza (ruralamerica, 1984)

Wasted Energy (The New Leader, 1979)

The Day the Presses Stopped (The New Leader, 1978)

Selling the Land (The New Leader, 1977)

Labor Reform Could Have Meant Rural Reform (ruralamerica, 1976)

New York in Search of a Bard (The New Leader, 1976)

The Practical Economist (The New Leader, 1975)

The Workmen's Circle at 75 (The New Leader, 1975)

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