Award Finalists

Every year, we struggle with the final decision about who should receive the Margolis Award because there are so many new writers who merit recognition.

2021 Finalists



  • Abdelrahman ElGendy - Abdelrahman ElGendy is a former Egyptian political prisoner for over six years. He currently writes for multiple platforms, exploring ways of resistance through counter-narratives, mainly through documenting his prison experience and raising awareness about prisoners of conscience.


  • Sheena Daree Miller - Sheena Daree Miller's work relies on comedy and satire both as a means for coping and as a tool for raising awareness around societal ills; her current project explores the unique and interrelated struggles and victories facing far-flung communities of the global African Diaspora, from Turkey to Germany to Ecuador and beyond. 

  • Kenneth R. Rosen - Kenneth R. Rosen, writer, journalist and author, is a contributing writer to WIRED and a frequent contributor to The New York Times and The Washington Post.. He is the author of Troubled: The Failed Promise of America's Behavioral Treatment Programs (Little A, 2021), which The New York Times Book Review called "a searing exposé" and a "public service."

  • Susan Bruns Rowe - Susan Bruns Rowe's essays and interviews have appeared in The Sun,Lithub, Brevity, Creative Nonfiction, The American Oxonian, and elsewhere. She has published fiction and poetry in The Louisville Review, The Clackamas Literary Review, and Penny: the Illustrated Zine of Flash Prose.

  • Jordan Michael Smith - Jordan Michael Smith's journalism has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, The Atavist,, Foreign Policy, The Nation, The Progressive,, The Guardian, and many other publications. He has been a finalist for PEN America’s Writing For Justice Fellowship and short-listed for the MIT Technology Review COVID Inequality Fellowship.