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Those familiar with the writings of the acclaimed journalist, poet and author Dick Margolis will find this book a poignant reminder of the thoughtful, insightful voice we lost with his untimely passing in April 1991 at age 61. Those discovering his works for the first time will be struck by his ability to skewer the mighty with his vast knowledge, biting wit and understanding of the body politic and the broader human condition --  and the fact that these pieces, written decades ago, resonate today.


The works in this hard-cover book of more than 400 pages present Margolis' writings on current issues of the day in health care, racial and social justice, education, immigration, farmworkers, small-town America and more. It is offered for sale at cost by the Richard J. Margolis Award Committee with the goal of distributing the book widely and raising awareness of the annual award in Dick's name for social-justice journalism.  


The at-cost price of $30 includes taxes and media-mail shipping within the continental United States. For international orders, please email Phil Margolis at to make arrangements. 


In addition to purchasing the book, please consider making a donation to The Blue Mountain Center to perpetuate the award for years to come.


Thank you for your support.

States of the Union: Selected Works of Richard J. Margolis

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