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Articles on the Elderly, Native Americans & Minorities by Richard J. Margolis

(in chronological order with most recent first; titles not available to download from this website are in red)

The Origins of the Poverty Line: When "Poor" is not Poor Enough (The Aging Connection, April-May 1990)

Toward a Strategy for the National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing (report to the Stern Family Fund, date?)

Book Review: The Buzzards Above, the Cane Below: Big Sugar - by Alec Wilkins (New York Times, 1989)

Native Profit (Foundation News, 1988)

Rural Journal: A Meeting of Nations (Rural Electrification, 1988)

America's New Entrepreneurs (The New Leader, 1987)

Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen (U.S. Commission On Civil Rights, 1986)

When Youth Creep Succumbs to Age Creep (The New Leader, 1986)

Older Citizens in Search of Security (The New Leader, 1985)

Voices of the Elderly Poor (The New Leader, 1985)

What Does [SSI] Stand For? Supplemental Security Income or Supplemental Suffering and Intimidation? (Southern Exposure, 1985)

Indian Resiliency (ruralamerica, 1984)

To Live on This Earth (Foundation News, 1984)

Native Roots (The New Leader, 1984)

Rosebud Revisited (The New Leader, 1984)

Indian Resiliency (The Harvard Crimson, March 17, 1984)

The New Mexican Umbrella (Foundation News, 1984)

Navajos, Hopis and the Law of the Land (The New Leader, 1984)

Cleaver Divides a Town (New York Times, 1983)

Great Expectations, Questionable Results (Foundation News, March-April 1983)

Voting Rights: The Obvious Takes a Little Longer (Foundation News, May-June 1982)

Book Review: Mean Things Happening in This Land - by H.L. Mitchell (ruralamerica, 1979)

The Declining Significance of Race: Blacks & Changing American Institutions - by William Julius Wilson; and Protest, Politics, and Prosperity: Black Americans and White Institutions 1940-1975 - by Dorothy Newman (Change, 1979)

Rural Elderly Have Just Begun to Fight (ruralamerica, 1978)

Red-White Relations (The New Leader, 1978)

Para un Nueve Dia en Education: The Chicano Education Project (report for the Carnegie Foundation,

Trouble in Crystal City (The New Leader, 1978)

The New Indian Wars (Foundation News, May-June 1978)

Indians and the Law (The New Leader, 1977)

Book Review: Jewish Dynasty: The Thirteenth Tribe - by Arthur Koestler (Bookletter [Harper's Magazine], 1977)

Book Review: Clash of Cultures: Crazy Horse and Custer - by Steven E. Ambrose (Bookletter, Jan. 19, 1976)

Pride and Prejudice (The New Leader, 1976)

The Indian in Fiction (The New Leader, 1975)

Deep in the Heart of Texas (The New Leader, 1975)

Book Review: The Negro on Campus - by Raymond Wolters (Change, 1975)

From Bullets to Ballots (The New Leader, 1974)

Payments to the Past (The New Leader, 1974)

Help Me Not to Hate My Parents (New York Times, 1973)

Return to Wounded Knee (The New Leader, 1973)

The Last of the Paugussetts (The New Leader, 1973)

Indian Schools: Is Boosting Enough? (New York Times, July 15, 1973)

The Still Possible Dream (The New Leader, 1973)

Waiting for the Justice Man (The New Leader, 1973)

White Philanthropy and the Red Man (Foundation News, March-April 1973)

A Long List of Grievances (New York Times, 1972)

For Whom the Drum Beats (The New Leader, 1972)

One Way to Avoid Busing: Integration (New York Times, 1972)

Last Chance For Desegregation (Dissent, Winter 1972)

Segregating the Poor (The New Leader, 1972)

Living the Hopi Legend (The New Leader, 1971)

Book Review: A Rap on Race - by Margaret Mead & James Baldwin (Life Magazine, 1971)

Blacks and Browns in Blue (The New Leader, 1971)

Busing: You Got Some Nice Things Here Too (New York Times, 1971)

Letter from an Ex-Con (The New Leader, 1971)

Looking for America (The New Leader, 1971)

Minority Hiring and the Police (The New Leader, 1971)

Recruiting Police in the Ghetto (The New Leader, 1971)

Whitewashing the Indians (The New Leader, 1970)

The Two Nations at Wesleyan University (New York Times, 1970)

Sheriffs North and South (The New Leader, 1970)

Integration: The Problems Nobody Talks About (Redbook, April 1965)

The Potential Role of Self-Help Housing on Indian Reservations and In Rural Areas (U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity, 1965)

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