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Articles about Rural Disparities & Related Issues by Richard J. Margolis

(in chronological order with most recent first; titles not available for download from this website in red)

Book Review: Ten Books You May Have Missed (ruralamerica, 2000)

Rural Journal: Insulting The West (Rural Electrification, 1990)

A World without Wheels (The New Leader, 1990)

Looking for a Partner (The New Leader, 1989)

Return of the Homestead (The New Leader, 1989)

A Hospital for All Seasons (The New Leader, 1988)

Rural Journal: The Bridge Rebellion (Rural Electrification, 1987)

Modest Monuments to Optimism (Rural Electrification, 1985)

Rural Journal: The Postal Service's Anti-Rural Crusade (Rural Electrification, 1985)

Government Quietly Killing Rural Post Offices (The Lincoln Star, 1985)

Rural Journal: Greyhound Has Left the Driving to Rural People (Rural Electrification, September 1985)

Sic Paratransit Gloria Omnibus (The New Leader, 1985)

Voices of the Elderly Poor (The New Leader, 1985)

From the Bottom Up (RJM Harvard Fellowship Report, 1984)

Another Trumanesque Rural Vote? (New York Times, 1984)

Populists and Strangers (Working Papers, 1983)

Book Review: Who Owns Appalachia? Landownership & Its Impact - by Appalachian Land Ownership Task Force (New York Times, 1983)

The Little Kernel (The New Leader, 1983)

Why Rural America Clings to Its Post Offices (Smithsonian, July 1983)

The March to Montgomery, 1982  (Christian Science Monitor, 1982)

Homes of the of the Brave: Farmworker Housing Report (Rural America for the Farmworker Housing Coalition, 1981)

At the Crossroads: An Inquiry into Rural Post Offices and the Communities They Serve (U.S. Government Printing Office, 1980)

Letter from Cambridge (The New Leader, 1980)

New Life in the Old Village (The New Leader, 1980)

Rural America: Why Bother? (report for Center for Rural Studies, University of Vermont, 1980)

A Sentimental Journey: Small Town America - by Richard Lingeman (The New Leader, 1980)

The Rural Challenge: Coping with Babylon & Boston (ruralamerica, 1979)

Wielding the Pen for and Against Small-Town Life (ruralamerica, 1979)

Clay's Crawfishes [incl. history of the organization Rural America] (ruralamerica, 1979)

On Retaining the Train (ruralamerica, 1979)

Book Review: Lessons of Terlingua: Where the Rainbows Wait - by Trent Jones, Carlton Stowers (Change, 1978 -79)

Standing Up for Ma Bell (The New Leader, 1979)

The Little Red Post Office on Pike Street (The New Leader, 1979)

The Rural Connection (telephone deregulation; ruralamerica 1979)

Red-White Relations (The New Leader, 1978)

Book Review: O Pioneer, O Morris: Good Neighborhood: The Challenge of Open Housing - by Morris Milgram (The New Leader, 1977)

Platform for Rural America (Rural America, 1977)

Selling the Land (The New Leader, 1977)

The Redlining of Rural Americans (The New Leader, 1977)

Letter to Editor re: 117 Medical Schools & RJM response (Change, 1978)

Why 117 Medical Schools Can't Be Right (Change, 1977)

Primary Poems (The New Leader, 1976)

Nix Pix of Stix as Hix (New York Times, 1975)

The Forgotten Rural Poor (Minneapolis Tribune, May 5, 1975)

The Voice of Rural America… (New York Times, April 25, 1975)

A Fine Meter of Civilization (The New Leader, 1973)

Metropollyana and Rural Poverty (The New Leader, 1973)

Education: The George Washington Story (The New Leader, 1971)

The Rural Housing Famine (The New Leader, 1970)

Something to Build On: The Future of Self-Help Housing in the Struggle against Poverty (report for International Self-Help Housing Associates & American Friends Service Committee, 1980)

You've Got Trouble Right Here in Nauvoo (publication and date TBD)

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