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Articles on Poverty & Criminal Justice

(in chronological order with most recent first; titles not available to download from website are in red)

Having a Dream in Goshen (The New Leader, 1991)

The Origins of the Poverty Line: When "Poor" is not Poor Enough (The Aging Connection, April-May 1990)

A Certain Species of Helplessness (The New Leader, 1989)

Juvenile Justice (The New Leader, 1988)

Our Closet Youth Institutions (The New Leader, 1988)

Out of Harm's Way: The Emancipation of Juvenile Justice (Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, 1988)

Tracking Our Troubled Children (The New Leader, 1988)

Bring Us to This Hovel (The New Leader, 1986)

Elderly Facing Trying Times (Scottsdale Progress, 1986)

Is the Next Stop Penn Station? (The New Leader, 1986)

Book Review: Sometimes Something Seems to Work: No Ceasefires: The War on Poverty in Roanoke Valley - by Edwin Cobb (New York Times, Feb. 3, 1985)

How Hunger Staged a Comeback (Foundation News, 1985)

Hungry in the Eighties (The New Leader, 1985)

Paybacks from the Poor (The New Leader, 1985)

Voices of the Elderly Poor (The New Leader, 1985)

All Against All (The New Leader, 1983)

Book Review: Roughneck: The Life & Times of Bill Haywood - by Peter Carlson (New York Times, 1983)

Book Review: The Making of the New Deal: The Insiders Speak - by Kate Loucheheim (New York Times, 1983)

Book Review: Who Owns Appalachia? Landownership & Its Impact - by Appalachian Land Ownership Task Force (New York Times, 1983)

Book Review: Beyond the Bottom: The Underclass - by Ken Auletta (The New Leader, 1982)

A Modern Parable (The New Leader, 1981)

Down and Out in America (The New Leader, 1981)

No More War (on Poverty, That Is) - Christian Science Monitor, 1981

Book Review: Mean Things Happening in This Land - by H.L. Mitchell (ruralamerica, 1979)

The Strained Mercy of the Truly Rich (The New Leader, 1981\)

Power and the Poor (The New Leader, 1978)

Rural Elderly Have Just Begun to Fight (ruralamerica, 1978)

Stamping Out Hunger (The New Leader, 1975)

The Forgotten Rural Poor (Minneapolis Tribune, May 5, 1975)

An Appeal from Death Row (The New Leader, 1973)

Metropollyana and Rural Poverty (The New Leader, 1973)

Pennies for the President (The New Leader, 1973)

Welfare and Metropollyana (Low-Income Housing Bulletin, April 1973)

Robbing the Poor (The New Leader, 1972)

Segregating the Poor (The New Leader, 1972)

Blacks and Browns in Blue (The New Leader, 1971)

Letter from an Ex-Con (The New Leader, 1971)

Minority Hiring and the Police (The New Leader, 1971)

Recruiting Police in the Ghetto (The New Leader, 1971)

Who Will Wear the Badge? (report for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 1971)

Sheriffs North and South (The New Leader, 1970)

Building a Ghetto (The New Leader, 1968)

How the Federal Government Builds Ghettos (report for the National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing, 1967)

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