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Articles on Politics & Public Policy

(in chronological order with most recent first; titles not available to download from this website are in red)

George, Mike and Adlai (The New Leader, 1988)

Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen (U.S. Commission On Civil Rights, 1986)

Book Review: Government Was the Solution: Franklin D. Roosevelt - edited by Otis Graham Jr. and Meghan Robinson Wander; and A Caring Society - by Irving Bernstein (New York Times, June 16, 1985)

Book Review: What's Ahead for the Economy: The Challenge & the Chance - by Louis Rukeyser (New York Times, 1984)

Great Expectations, Questionable Results (Foundation News, March-April 1983)

Small Wonders: Moving America Right (Foundation News, July-August 1983)

Why Rural America Clings to Its Post Offices (Smithsonian, July 1983)

Voting Rights: The Obvious Takes a Little Longer (Foundation News, May-June 1982)

Down and Out in America (The New Leader, 1981)

Liberals and the Rural Vote (The New Leader, 1981)

The Limits of Localism (Working Papers, 1981)

The Strained Mercy of the Truly Rich (The New Leader, 1981\)

The Voices of the People (The New Leader, 1981)

To Recapture Rural America for Liberalism (New York Times, 1981)

Wait Till the Rural Vote Comes In (Working Papers, 1981)

A Night with the Winners (The New Leader, 1980)

And Then There Was the Citizens Party (Christian Science Monitor, 1980)

At the Crossroads: An Inquiry into Rural Post Offices and the Communities They Serve (U.S. Government Printing Office, 1980)

Book Review: Framed by the Evening News: Media Images of the New Left: The Whole World Is Watching - by Todd Gitlin (Chronicle of Higher Education, November 1980)

Enchanted Evening for Reagan Followers (Boston Globe, Nov. 6, 1980)

Outline of a New Liberal Coalition (The New Leader, 1980)

The 49th Campaign (The New Leader, 1980)

Book Review: Soul Struggles: The Declining Significance of Race: Blacks & Changing American Institutions - by William Julius Wilson; Protest, Politics, and Prosperity: Black Americans and White Institutions 1940-1975 - by Dorothy Newman (Change, 1979)

Dreams of a Third Party (The New Leader, 1979)

Iran - Notes of a Confused American (The New Leader, 1979)

On Retaining the Train (ruralamerica, 1979)

Racing through Childhood (The New Leader, 1979)

Spring Seedling (The New Leader, 1979)

Standing Up for Ma Bell (The New Leader, 1979)

The Little Red Post Office On Pike Street (The New Leader, 1979)

The Rural Connection (telephone deregulation; ruralamerica 1979)

The Same Old Jimmy Carter (The New Leader, 1979)

Unmailed Memos (The New Leader, 1979)

Wasted Energy (The New Leader, 1979)

Carter's Record Home (The New Leader, 1978)

Getting Down to the Point (ruralamerica, 1978)

Have a Good Decade (The New Leader, 1978)

Power and the Poor (The New Leader, 1978)

The Dreams of Hubert Humphrey (The New Leader, 1978)

The New Challenge to Labor (The New Leader, 1978)

Trouble in Crystal City (The New Leader, 1978)

A Job-Seeker's Journal (The New Leader, 1977)

Bert and Jimmy (The New Leader, 1977)

Book Review: Roosevelt's Revolution: The First Year - by Rexford Tugwell (Bookletter [Harper's Magazine], 1977)

Book Review: Jewish Dynasty: The Thirteenth Tribe - by Arthur Koestler (Bookletter [Harper's Magazine], 1977)

Book Review: When Push Comes to Shove: The Fall of Public Man - by Richard Sennett (Bookletter, Jan. 31, 1977)

Discovering How the West Was Won (ruralamerica, 1977)

National Health Insurance: The Dream Whose Time Has Come? (New York Times, 1977)

Shuffling for a New Deal (The New Leader, 1977)

The Little Agency That Could (The New Leader, 1977)

The Redlining of Rural Americans (The New Leader, 1977)

Winning Back the West (The New Leader, 1977)

An Open Letter to the Next President (Country Journal, 1976)

New York in Search of a Bard (The New Leader, 1976)

Off the Campaign Trail (The New Leader, 1976)

Pride and Prejudice (The New Leader, 1976)

Primary Poems (The New Leader, 1976)

The Compleat Natterer [Ralph Nader] (The New Leader, 1976)

Deep in the Heart of Texas (The New Leader, 1975)

Stamping Out Hunger (The New Leader, 1975)

The Forgotten Rural Poor (Minneapolis Tribune, May 5, 1975)

The Practical Economist (The New Leader, 1975)

Waiting for the Bloodless Revolution (The New Leader, 1975)

A Letter to the President [Ford] (The New Leader, 1974)

Getting Along with Wallace (The New Leader, 1974)

Gloria Get Your Gun (The New Leader, 1974)

Helping Heaven Help the Children (New York Times, 1974)

A Fine Meter of Civilization (The New Leader, 1973)

A Glossary of 'Watargot' [Watergate] (The New Leader, 1973)

Daycare Cuts: Woe for the Working Mother (New York Times, April 1, 1973)

Death of a Magazine (The New Leader, 1973)

Pennies for the President (The New Leader, 1973)

All the Agnews That's Fit to Print (The New Leader, 1972)

Memoirs of a McGovern Canvasser (The New Leader, 1972)

One Night in the Life of Yevgeny Yevtushenko (The New Leader, 1972)

Robbing the Poor (The New Leader, 1972)

The Gospels of Ecology (The New Leader, 1972)

FDA: The Sugar-Coated, Polyunresponsive, Indigestible Placebo (Washington Monthly, January 1971)

Duffey vs. the Bailey Machine in Connecticut (The New Leader, 1970)

The Duffey Formula (The New Leader, 1970)

Building a Ghetto (The New Leader, 1968)

The Losers: A Report on Puerto Ricans and the Public Schools (Aspira, 1968)

Book Review: Letting Sleeping Dragons Lie: The Moynihan Report & the Politics of Controversy - by Lee Rainwater & William Yancy (The New Leader, 1967)

How the Federal Government Builds Ghettos (report to the National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing, 1967)

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