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Articles on Education by Richard J. Margolis

(in chronological order with most recent first; titles not available to download from this website are in red)

A Generous Teacher (The New Leader, 1988)

They Hear America Singing (Foundation News, 1986)

Cleaver Divides a Town (New York Times, 1983)

Book Review: The Shore Dimly Seen: Educating All Our Children - by Doxey Wilkerson (Change, 1980)

Tales Out of School in Colorado (The New Leader, 1979)

Book Review: Lessons of Teralingua: Where the Rainbows Wait - by Trent Jones, Carlton Stowers (Change, 1978 -79)

Para un Nueve Dia en Education: The Chicano Education Project (report for the Carnegie Foundation, 1978)

Letter to Editor re: 117 Medical Schools & RJM response (Change, 1978)

Why 117 Medical Schools Can't Be Right (Change, 1977)

Book Review: A Politics of Feeling: College: Reward & Betrayal - by Thomas Cottle (Change, 1977)

Steps Toward Ethical Maturity (Change, 1977)

Book Review: Their Daily Bread: Land Grant Universities & Their Continuing Challenge - by G. Lester Anderson (Change, 1976)

Book Review: A Constant Clamor: Education in the U.S.: A Documentary History - by Sol Cohen (Change, 1975)

Medical Schools at the Crossroads (Change, 1974)

Book Review: Circuses without Bread: Blowing the Whistle on Intercollegiate Sports - by J. Robert Evans (Change, 1974)

Book Review: Learning for Tomorrow: The Role of the Future in Education - by Alvin Toffler (Change, 1974)

Payments to the Past (The New Leader, 1974)

Help Me Not to Hate My Parents (New York Times, 1973)

Saturday's Children: 'We Hit a Live Nerve' (New York Times, 1973)

The Last of the Paugussetts (The New Leader, 1973)

Indian Schools: Is Boosting Enough? (New York Times, July 15, 1973)

For Whom the Drum Beats (The New Leader, 1972)

One Way to Avoid Busing: Integration (New York Times, 1972)

A Tree Grows in Eden (The New Leader, 1971)

Busing: You Got Some Nice Things Here Too (New York Times, 1971)

Education: The George Washington Story (The New Leader, 1971)

So You Want to Go to College (The New Leader, 1971)

The Two Nations at Wesleyan University (New York Times, 1970)

The Prep School World Adjusts to the Real World (New York Times, 1969)

The Losers: A Report on Puerto Ricans and the Public Schools (Aspira, 1968)

The Trouble with Textbooks (Redbook, March 1965)

Do Teaching Machines Really Teach? (Redbook, September 1963)

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