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Judith Levine, 1993 Award Winner

Judith Levine is an author and journalist who combines reportage, history, social science and personal writing to explore the cultural politics of sexuality, gender, family and the overlapping practices of psychology and criminal justice. She has always seen writing as an act of creative activism, connecting the personal with the political.

Her second book, Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex, was published in 2002 from University of Minnesota Press. She is also the author of My Enemy, My Love: Women, Men & the Dilemmas of Gender (Doubleday 1992), as well as scores of articles, which have appeared in both popular and academic national publications, including Harper's, The Village Voice, My Generation,  Index on Censorship, Salon and Nerve.

Levine is an activist for women’s freedom, civil liberties and peace. A founder of the National Writers Union, No More Nice Girls, and Take Back the Future, Levine has served as as a director for the National Center for Reason & Justice and the American Civil Liberties Union’s Vermont chapter.

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